About Us

BH Builds is the culmination of over 27 years combined experience in the industry and has been developed with 3 core principles in mind. Sustainability, Service and Value.


Throughout Harry Hicks’ career he noticed a complete lack of attention to sustainability in the Australian construction industry. A complete disrespect for the environment has become the status quo and it is a huge waste of resources and ends up costing the consumer more, the company profits and the environment. BH Builds promotes the use of highly efficient lighting and appliance without compromising design or functionality. Encouragement to install infrastructure like Solar PV and Hot Water is also very important to reducing the footprint our homes have. The use of highly efficient and correctly installed insulation is measurably important and
unfortunately not monitored or enforced in the industry. BH Builds prides its self on exceeding thermal efficiency, providing our clients with more efficient and more comfortable homes.

BH Builds actively reduces its impact by implementing the following…


  • By encouraging and supplying products with less packaging and demanding recyclable packaging where necessary,
  • Order materials accurately,
  • Compress material deliveries to fewer trucks to reduce road km’s travelled,
  • Promote carpooling for staff where possible,
  • Promote staff to bring lunch from home in reusable containers,
  • Disqualify the use of non ethical timbers and unsustainable harvesting practices from old growth forests from Victoria and abroad,
  • Avoid using any structural hardwood in our projects by using laminated plantation pine beams of equal strength,
  • Only use sustainably certified plantation harvested hardwood for feature timbers and decking when required if reclaimed material is not an option,
  • Avoid using single use batteries in cordless equipment and lasers.


  • Salvage hardwood materials from demolitions for future projects used as featured timber work or furniture,
  • Use unsalvageable clean timber from projects for wood heating in homes,
  • Maintain equipment to lengthen the safety, life and quality of tools,
  • Salvage demolition materials (old doors, windows and appliances) from jobs and sell or gift them through the use of online platforms like eBay, Gumtree and our Facebook page.


  • Reduce landfill by recycling metal, concrete, polystyrene, gyprock and unpainted/untreated timbers,
  • Support staff to recycle any personal waste produced by supplying the appropriate facilities,
  • Recycle unavoidable packaging,
  • Dispose of equipment and batteries correctly.


We have noticed the complete lack of service in the industry offered by builders. Many builders sub-contract all their finishing trades. From plasterers, painters, flooring installers and tilers whilst at the same time adding a builders margin of 15-20% to the cost. At BH Builds we have decided we can provide a more efficient service by completing 80-90% of the build in-house. This reduces the chance of miscommunication between clients expectations and the finished product. We take all responsibility for the quality of your project and because these trades are completed in-house we can produce a better finish at a cheaper rate. Small jobs are no exception either, many builder avoid small projects or maintenance tasks due to the amount of trades needed for finishing however, BH Builds prides itself on our ability to complete even the smallest of projects at a reasonable cost with less trade traffic going through your home, this reduces the stress on clients and ensures their is a strong understanding of the clients requirements for the project.


Value is really the result of Sustainability and Service. By recycling and managing our own waste we reduce the amount of general waste which is traditionally expensive to remove. Often recycling pays dividends which reduces the project cost significantly. The reuse of hardwood timbers in future projects provides a unique sustainable characteristic to our projects. By promoting a enjoyable working environment for all staff at BH Builds we are rewarded with loyalty, quality and reliability. A happy working environment reduces downtime and increases efficiency, effectively reducing the project cost. By prolonging the life of equipment through good maintenance schedules we reduce the risk of injury and lower the level of equipment attrition this consequently reduces the overall burden of equipment costs.